School Uniform

School Uniform


Classes LN to III Special checked uniform (Yellow and Maroon with bow), White socks, Black shoes and handkerchief.

Classes IV to XII

For Boys
Navy Blue trousers, White shirt, handkerchief, White socks, Black shoes, school belt & tie.

For Girls
Navy Blue tunic, White blouse, handkerchief, Black Ribbon / hair band, white socks Black shoes, school belt & tie.


Classes LN to III
Maroon blazer, Maroon V-neck pullovers, trousers (Boys), tunics/trousers (Girls) and white leggings, if required.

Classes IV to XII:- Boys and Girls:
Navy blue blazer with school emblem embroidered on pockets and Navy Blue V-neck pullovers, if required.

For Class IX and XII
Student will be required to wear white laboratory Coat for chemistry practical.

New T-shirt for each house has been introduced in 2012-2013 session.

Classes LN to III:- students will be required to come to school in white uniform on Friday.
Boys:- Classes LN to III: White shorts, white shirt, white P.T. shows, White socks.
Classes IV to XII: white trousers, house T-shirt, White shocks, White P.T. shoes & school belt.
Girls: Classes LN to III:- white P.T. shows , White socks.
Classes IV to XII: House coloured T-shirt, white hairband / ribbon, white P.T. shoes, white socks.