General Instructions for Half Yearly Exam: Classes 5 to 12

This is to inform you that due to the changed circumstances this year, we have decided to conduct HALF YEARLY exam online through Google forms and Google Classfroom.

1) Please make sure you have good internet connection.

2) For online exams child should use device like Laptop/Tab/Mobile. The child may give exam on mobile phone but the child may face issues and may find it difficult to answer the paper. Hence for a smooth exam we suggest he/she must have at least a tab or a laptop.

3) Position of the camera should be in such a way that it captures the child writing the paper. 

Preparation leave:  Classes 5, 11 & 12 will be from 8th October to 11th October

For classes 6th to 10th will be on 7th & 8th October

Dussehra holiday will be from 23rd October to 26th October

Online classes / Virtual classes will start  from 27th October 2020.

Results will be declared on 5th November 2020 for class 5.
7th November for classes 6 to 12.

Instruction for written examination:

1)Papers are divided into
 Paper-I i.e. Objective Paper(40 marks) through Google Forms. Link of objective paper will be posted in Google Classroom App only
   Paper-II i.e. Subjective Paper(40 marks) will be through google class room.

For Paper-I: 
 Click on the link of Paper-I, solve the paper, click on submit button on Google forms.

Paper-II will be a paper/ pen test, so keep blue or black pen, paper ready and fill the details on each paper as given. Write your name, class/section, date, subject and answer sheet number on each page of answer sheet.

Click a clear photo of the written paper and then make a pdf and upload the pdf file on Google  classroom. 

Paper will not be accepted if it is not received within the 15 minutes of the end of exam. 

Child’s video and audio should be ON throughout the paper

1. Objective paper to be attempted first then subjective
2. A video for Procedure of submitting both objective and subjective has been shared . Please go through it once again.
3) Make sure to click clear pictures of answer sheets. Don't click pictures of bedsheet or  table top with it.
4) Use good quality of paper to give answers.