p_0001 71st Republic Day Celebration p_0001 Science Wizard 2019-20 conducted by Dainik Jagran on 25-01-2020 p_0001 ASISC Inter School Debate Junior, Senior, Creative Writing & Painting Competition 2019 p_0001 Parent Teacher Meeting 2019 p_0001 Independance Day 2019 p_0001 All India Art Exhibition 2019 p_0001 Investitutre Ceremony 2019 p_0001 Intra Story Telling Presentation 2019 p_0001 INTACH 2019 p_0001 ASISC Zonal Level Swimming Competition 2019 p_0001 ASISC Zonal Level Chess Competition 2019 p_0001 VARANASI ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION PROGRAMME, OISCA INTERNATIONAL JAPAN) 2019 p_0001 Girl Safety Awareness Programme 2019 p_0001 Encephalitis 2019 p_0001 RETREAT 2019 p_0001 Teacher Workshop by Vijay Michihito Batra 2019 p_0001 Quality Circle Teacher Training Workshop 2019 p_0001 Teacher Training Workshop 2019 p_0001 GST Workshop 2019 p_0001 Dengue Awareness 2019 p_0001 Spell Bee 2019 p_0001 ASISC Sports 2019 p_0001 Rally 2019 p_0001 Tree Plantation 2019 p_0001 Young Buzz 2019 p_0001 Inter School Declamation 2019 p_0001 ISC and ICSE Board Result 2019 p_0001 Summer Camp 2019 p_0001 Film Making WorkShop 2019 p_0001 T-Shirt Painting Workshop 2019 p_0001 Maths Marathon 2019 p_0001 Tarbooza Day 2019 p_0001 Free Dental Checkup Camp 2019 p_0001 Annual Elocution 2019 (Senior) p_0001 Annual Elocution 2019 (Junior) p_0001 Parents Orientation Workshop 2019 p_0001 Multiple Intelligence Workshop 2019 p_0001 Career Counselling Workshop 2019 p_0001 Visit By Mr. Sunil Shastri 2019 p_0001 Parents Orientation Workshop 2019 p_0001 Staff Farewell 2019 p_0001 Collage Making Activity 2019 p_0001 Sentence Building Activity 2019 p_0001 Magic Show 2019 p_0001 New Session Begin 2019 p_0001 STSE 2018 p_0001 INTACH FILMIT FESTIVAL p_0001 Repulic Day Celebration p_0001 Farewell Class 12 p_0001 Election Awareness Programme p_0001 Aarav Vishishth Puraskar p_0001 ICAR Educational Visit p_0001 Christmas Nativity Play p_0001 Vaccination 2018 p_0001 INMUN 2018 p_0001 IOS Examination p_0001 Sports Day and Fancy Dress Competition p_0001 Sports day - semifinal round Classes (L. N.and U. N) p_0001 Workshop on Place by Dr. Tomas Torbjornsson from Karslstad University p_0001 OISCA Team Visit Varanasi 2018 p_0001 Rangotsav Cometition in CHS p_0001 Prathmik Vidyalaya Adoption for Renovation p_0001 INTERACT club Installation Ceremony 2018 p_0001 Ecofriendly means of travelling p_0001 Students Neuroscience Meet 2018 p_0001 ASISC ZONAL LEVEL COMPETITION LUCKNOW 2018 p_0001 Career Counselling for class XI p_0001 Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 2018 p_0001 Toppers felicitation by Danik Jagran p_0001 Tree Plantation at Gandhi Jayanti 2018 p_0001 Tree Plantation by IACC & SMITH SCHOOL p_0001 No Plastic Pledge 2018 p_0001 Pottery Making Workshop by INTACH 2018 p_0001 Investiture Ceremony 2018 p_0001 Hope Day 2018 p_0001 Teacher Workshop by Vijay Michihito Batra 2018 p_0001 RETREAT 2018 p_0001 Teacher Training Workshop By T Raza 2018 p_0001 ICTRC Teacher Training Workshop 2018 p_0001 Hindi Diwas 2018 p_0001 Quality Circle Varanasi Chapter 2018 p_0001 Art Exhibition 2018 p_0001 Independence Day 2018 p_0001 Celesta International Fest 2018 p_0001 Metals and Materials Quiz 2018 p_0001 Face to Faith 2018 p_0001 Intach Filmit Workshop 2018 p_0001 Spic Macay 2018 p_0001 Special PTM For Classes 9 to 11 p_0001 Career Counseling 2018 p_0001 ASISC ZONAL SPORTS COMPETITION 2018 p_0001 ASISC ZONAL LEVEL COMPETITION 2018 p_0001 ICSE and ISC Result 2018 p_0001 Maths Marathon 2018 p_0001 Summer Camp 2018 p_0001 Tarbooza Day 2018 p_0001 Pre Diamond Jubilee Competition 2018 p_0001 Annual Elocution Middle and Senior 2018 p_0001 Annual Elocution Junior 2018 p_0001 Parent Orientation Workshop 2018 p_0001 New Session Begin 2018 p_0001 Dada Dadi Diwas 2018