wh smith

School Song
1. Celebrate , celebrate , celebrate the name we own,
Blessing, joy and bright re-known,
Smiths nurtures minds for the world it cares,
Oneness in thoughts - deeds that it shares.

2. We can make a difference be the change,
The spark of values bring success and fame,
Taking pride in what we do and say,
Cecelia, William you showed us the way,
Our hearts are filled with love and care,
That grow from seeds you planted there.

3. Our melodies rise like birds in flight,
Blessing pour down our lives make bright,

Perseverance, correct attitude we learn,
Nurturing, compassion true treasure earn,
The flame of honesty burns in our hearts,
The Panchtatva guiding us along life's path.

4. God has made us for purpose in life.
At Smith's we discover, accept, with pride,
Guidance of elders, with our peers,
We discover talents conquer fears,
March to our futures glorious and bright,
Holding hands we go onward and upright.

School Prayer:-
Lords Jesus make our school a lovely place
Where all of us are loving to each other.
And work our best and show a smiling face
Teachers and children helping one another.
You went to school with other little boys
And everyone was glad when you came in
Come to our school and fill our hearts with joy
And bless us as our lesson hour begins.
Thank you for the world so sweet
Thank you for the food we eat
Thank you for the birds that sing
Thank you god for every thing.