wh smith


Classes LN to III:-
Special checked uniform (Yellow and Maroon with bow), White socks, Black shoes and handkerchief.
Classes IV to XII:-
For Boys: 
Navy Blue trousers, White shirt, handkerchief, White socks, Black shoes, school belt & tie.
For Girls:- 
Navy Blue tunic, White blouse, handkerchief, Black Ribbon / hair band, white socks Black shoes, school belt & tie.


Classes LN to III:-
Maroon blazer, Maroon V-neck pullovers, trousers (Boys), tunics/trousers (Girls) and white leggings, if required.
Classes IV to XII:- Boys and Girls: Navy blue blazer with school emblem embroidered on pockets and Navy Blue V-neck pullovers, if required.
For Class IX and XII:
Student will be required to wear white laboratory Coat for chemistry practical.


New T-shirt for each house has been introduced in 2012-2013 session.
Classes LN to III:- students will be required to come to school in white uniform on Friday.
Boys:- Classes LN to III: White shorts, white shirt, white P.T. shows, White socks.
Classes IV to XII: white trousers, house T-shirt, White shocks, White P.T. shoes & school belt.
Girls: Classes LN to III:- white P.T. shows , White socks.
Classes IV to XII: House coloured T-shirt, white hairband / ribbon, white P.T. shoes, white socks.