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Our Achievments
1. ICSQCC 2011: Ishikawa award won by students QC team "ORION" First Runner Up award for the skit(internationally)
2. ICSQCC 2009: Over 250 schools participated from all over the world. 1st prize in skit 'Quality Dwells in Fellowship'.
3. Best Actor Award- Saumyadeep Tagore
4. QCFI Kanpur-Excellence award won by teachers QC 'Sanskar'.
5. Celesta International 2007 (Organized by city Montessori School, Lucknow): 1st Prize in choreography 'Agony and Ecstasy'
2nd prize in Choral Singing. 62 schools participated from all over the world.
6. ICSQCC 2007: "DEMING AWARD" won by students Q.C. MANTHAN. "DEMING AWARD" won by Teachers Q.C. in which total of 208 schools participated from all over the world.
7. ICSQCC 2005:- "ISHIKWA AWARD" won by students Q.C. 'Shirodharya'.
8. Ramesh Dutta Quiz: Won 1st prize in quiz Organized by Rotary Club Varanasi, South.
9. Metal and Metallurgy Award:- Won this award on 18th August 2007 held at I.T. BHU, Varanasi.
10. Brahmaprakash Memorial Quiz:- Secured 4th position at Kalpakkam, Chennai out of 150 participants from all over the country.
11. INMUN 2003:- Indian Model United Nation held at New Delhi from 6th to 8th Sept. by UNO.
12. Oct 2003 : President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam interacted with students at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
13. Celesta International 2003: (The Cultural Fiesta" organized by city Montessori School, Lucknow): Won 1st prize in Dramatics "The Rejected".
14. QCFI Delhi:- Best School Award for QC 'Trail Blazers'
15. ICSQCC 2003: International Quality Circle held at CMS, Lucknow from 16th to 19th December. 2700 delegates of 201 schools from 21 countries participated in the event.
16. "Deming Wheel Award" won by students Q.C. 'Kunjika'
17. "John Mann Synergy International Award" won by Teachers Q.C. 'Anveshan'.
18. Celesta International 2001(April):- 1st Prize in dramatics "Satya Ki Ore".
19. Consolation Prize in Choreography "Enlightenment" organized by City Montessori School, Lucknow in which 47 Schools from all over the world (France, Germany, Canada, Russia, Srilanka) participated.
20. INMUN 2001: INDIAN Model United Nations held at New Delhi From 6th to 8th Sept. by UNO. 1st Prize for "Best Country Profile" Country represented LIBYA. 600 students of 177 schools from 82 cities of India participated.
21. Smith School was the 2nd Runner up in ASISC Volley ball on 21st July 2013.