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Principal Desk

Another year flies by and it is time for us to connect. Connection & networking is the key to success in this age of cyber space. Therefore in school also we Endeavour to try and make children capable in learning to connect not only in cyber space but one to one by this we mean the HUMAN CONNECTION, which should never be lost. Increasingly it has been seen all over the world especially in the developed nation that people are losing touch with each other do not talk to each other, leave alone even look at each other which in turn leads to a great degree of loneliness. This loneliness in turn leads to mental distress and the person is not able to function in normal way because a human is basically a social animal and needs the fellow human touch to feel connected, wanted, needed & loved. It was the primary aim of the founders, Mr. W.H. Smith & Mrs. C.R. Smith to surround the children who come to school, with the feeling of the love and belonging and always been a part of Smith Even when they had left the school got on in life. Today also in the school the human connection is of utmost importance and is interwoven in the fabric of daily school life. The children are encouraged to share and care within the class room with their classmates their classmates their ideas, handwork, play and interaction. The seniors get to visit various institutions all over Varanasi to share their privileges with others by either contributing in kind or their time.

The institutions supported by our schools are

  1. Shishu Bhawan, Shivpur
  2. Jeevan Jyoti
  3. Nirmal Hridaya, Shiwala Ghat
  4. Heamophilia Society, Ashapur, sarnath
  5. Helpage India

and help in maintaining the chhatris or traditional umbrellas of Varanasi Ghats on the bank of the Ganges, beside supporting many other causes as they arrive like the Uttarakhand disaster. They are also encouraged to pray for the victims of such tragedies during assembly in the school and at home. These activities are inculcated in school life as it is important to understand than school besides the syllabus of the various subjects it is necessary to nurture values of humanity in the hearts and minds of children which is the HUMAN CONNECTION. When they will look around and see for human life then only will they want to share what they have and become active contributors to society. Young Indians should be caring human beings filled with a love for their own beloved India, the environment and the world and that is what we aim for in Smith School. The parents of our school are main supporters and indeed it is their contribution, which makes it possible for us to achieve the set goals.

THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS ALL THE PARENTS for faith in us and continuous support!

On the horizon of humanity, there shines a rising sun,
The glow of support, love of parents and children learning with fun,
Teachers stepping forward with dedication and active support,
To lead, guide, motivate, students to achieve set goals,
The banner of Smith School held high by its students new and old,
Flutters in the winds of change with ever increasing zeal,
A zeal to conquer, achieve goals and set challenging horizons new,
To show the world what students of Smith School can do,
Where the globe is our play field and, serving humanity our aim,
Students, teachers and parents together in History our place will calm.

Mrs. Anita Pauline Dey